One of the last projects elaborated by Jordi Pujol, has been this renovation of a tropical hardwood deck. If you need a gardener in Alella or Maresme, do not hesitate to contact us.

The importance of renovations

The renovation of a tropical hardwood floor is essential to keep it in perfect condition and to be able to enjoy it all year round. This type of wood flooring, due to its constant exposure to the elements and daily wear and tear, can deteriorate over time. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can be perfectly restored.

Regular maintenance of the wooden platform

In addition to periodic renovation, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance of the tropical hardwood floor. This includes regular cleaning, avoiding direct contact with sharp or heavy objects and protecting it from liquid spills.

In short, the renovation of a tropical hardwood floor requires proper care and attention. By thoroughly cleaning it and applying the right product, you can restore its beauty and prolong its useful life, allowing you to enjoy it in perfect condition all year round. From Jordi Pujol we will be happy to help you if you need a floor restoration. Contact us!