Jordi Pujol in Jardiners when we finished all our projects we are very proud of all the work done in this project.

Gardens, terraces, pools, barbecues, gazebos, each and every one of our projects are our satisfaction in the company, and that the effort, enthusiasm, and professionalism can be seen perfectly in all our gardening.

renovación jardinIn this case, this project has robbed us from the very first day we started working heart in the mantenimiento del jardín . You now have a very different to the previous design and layout of the entire exterior of this fantastic residence Seniors Alella (Maresme, Barcelona) aspect.

When we started designing the  renovación de los exteriores ajardinados  of this residence, we had in mind to change the wild aspect of certain areas of the garden, certain plant species tend to grow unevenly, and can become a difficult task to model the garden in a certain way, given that we soil plants such as we had in the front garden of the residence.

Cleaning a garden has to be key, that way you can enjoy more, and we will not be outstanding if dirty, or if the plant has grown a lot and prevents the passage, or other factors that we may prevent the joy of our garden.

It is for that reason, while customers told us they liked more and more minimalist ‘spacious’ aspect option, we choose the design that can be seen in the images.

Where we can see the current areas of stones, there used wooden foreshortened and trailing plants for the garden soil. On the other hand, many of the areas in the pictures with stone tiles before was all sand surface, which could eventually produce a lot of dust, which remained in the air and everyone who walked by finished garden full breathing dust or sand that was rising.

Parallel to this paved area, there is the area of ​​stones, and the longest of the entire residence ‘corridor’ exterior, we decided to create a double standard, and this parterre filled it with earth and stones on its surface, this way we could we decide to plant plants and simultaneously, to remove existing plants and cover the hole with earth and stones again.

renovación jardinThese parterres are delimited by a ‘thin’ Corten steel sheet, which gives a modern minimalist garden all this fantastic residence Seniors Alella touch.

In all parterres containing plants, we installed an efficient irrigation system, thus, the owners of the residence, you should not worry about anything else in the garden, simply must enjoy like everyone who participates in the home.

Most plants in the garden of the residence, are flowers, which give much color and joy in the garden of the residence. On the other hand, we found several trees, such as various pines that were already in the garden when we started working, and an olive tree planted area behind the residence, along with a couple more full of red flowers parterres.

The new garden design, much more minimalist than the previous one, allows everyone to enjoy a good ride for him.

On the other hand, we installed a modern fountain in the parterre himself behind the residence, which is not visible from the entrance. This source is spectacularly well, basically consists of a corrugated steel structure with rusty appearance, the right side of this steel plate there is an overture adapted so that water runs freely. After falling and creating a constant little cascade of water, falls in the midst of the stones of parterre, there under the stones there is a tank that collects water that falls and returns it up, so the same water is used consistently and not malbarata nothing. The closed with pump circuit is a very simple installation, i adapting to any garden can be made true works of art in the garden design.

As the images have guessed, the structure of the league source with the delimitation of the flower beds, which is also made of steel. But the source, linking more detail is with the inner perimeter around the garden, which consists of several plates of rusted steel, which follow a regular line with ripples on its surface. At night you can distinguish a line of light under this high steel perimeter. It’s fine line of light also install us, it was a magnificent customer’s own proposal to see and mounted by us the perimeter structure.

As we said at the beginning of this work we are very proud, it was a very rich variety of work tasks; on the other hand, in this garden, we share many views with the client, and this was what qualitatively enriched the project. Our proposals always like, but if we add the ideas that have customers end up being spectacular as this garden of Alella.