In all cases we enjoy installing a pergola on our spectacular garden, and not because it is cold, heat or sun very much, we will not want to have a good time in our playing outdoor terrace garden, you better enjoy a good < a href = “”> pergola with its wooden flooring and blinds .

In Maresme we are accustomed to a very stable weather and consistent with the season in which we are. The climate is very mild, and wanting to enjoy the terraces and gardens is questionable, and anyone with a good garden should not be considered as not being able to enjoy taking a good smoothie or coffee sitting on terrace under the pergola.

This is why many people want to enjoy the terrace without having to worry too much for the high temperature or cold soft, and the solution usually occurred from Jordi Pujol Gardeners [/ tooltip ] is the option to install a pergola good.

arbor pergolas are an architectural structure formed by vertical columns, which support beams arranged horizontally, connecting the columns side by side, while other are arranged transversely and supported by the above.

Pergolas that can be seen more often, they are placed in the gardens completely attached to the building, but we can find prepared independently and in the middle of a garden, which affords this part of the garden area, without having to worry about wear sun cream.

In this case, customers asked us to take advantage of a little more on the terrace and in turn asked us who wanted to prevent sunlight from entering directly to your room. The fact is that they, by their own account, had studied the possibility of installing a very simple awning.

To reject the option, and got in touch with us through the recommendation of another client, which also install a pergola size of your garden.

The couple explained their case, and their goal. I was clear, enjoyed the home garden (the terrace) without worrying about the sun or the rain (in case of bad weather) and continue enjoying this fabulous space, while they wanted to prevent natural light enter directly into the dining room during the afternoon.

We explained the option install a pergola size and loved it. We went together to visit other pergolas made and installed by Jordi Pujol Gardeners in other gardens or terraces, and always with the permission of the owners, who were very pleased and very proud to teach.

pergola1 wanting a pergola attached to the building of the house, on the small terrace had three options, take a wooden pergola, or iron or stainless steel. In this case, along with customers, just choosing a wooden pergola structure. And the garden terrace and at this time we treated a wooden pergola would be great.

Then we got to work. The wooden pergola should be spectacular and we started to take steps to the terrace and pergola future in it. When we have the pieces we made the move to the client and build on this beautiful terrace.

When we had well built on the terrace of the house, we installed an awning overlooking the gazebo this feature that customers sought from the outset that the sunlight did not enter directly into the living room of the house, while , enjoy the terrace outside, without worrying about burning under the sun on a beautiful day in the Maresme.

This was not the first pergola we built and the experience gained in various facilities ever installed more security when building a wooden pergola like this. The wooden pergolas, arbors to the metal, the latter are more elegant, in any case, if of wood, with garden or terrace desentonarà when installed. A pergola is a very convenient option to take advantage of garden space, yet very elegant.

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