Complete design of your garden

You want to reform your garden?
Are you tired of seeing always the same?
Do you want to take advantage of the terrace?


Terrace with wooden porch and garden lattice

In Jordi Pujol Jardiners we can help design this space that are not entirely satisfied now.

We propose to design your new garden together.

This service gives you the ability to view this space to renovate, study and think how we can make the best.

When we have the idea, you can do the job, or we can instruct us without obligation.

Jordi Pujol jardiner, proposes to design this green space together, you and us. With all the ideas in their heads, and our experience of over 25 years of gardeners , we can create a harmonious and pleasant space.

You can view and take ideas from our photo gallery .

Call or email us and we will contact you to discuss the new project.

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